Learn & Live Survival Cards

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The Learn & Live Outdoor Skills Card Sets include a collection of pocket reference guides covering the fundamentals of five imperative survival skills. Choose from Survival Fishing, Fire Building, First Aid, Knots, Way Finding, or the complete Outdoors Skills Set. The full set comes with a water tight carrying case and  includes all of the sets we have here plus the Shelter Building Cards.  

Knot Cards:

Illustrates how to tie 11 essential knots
Six cards bound by a grommet
Waterproof for durable, outdoor referencing
Everything you need to learn and practice a variety of useful knots applied outdoors.

Way Finding Cards:
A pocket guide to help learn how to navigate using maps, compasses, and more.
Shelter Building Cards:
Informative cards describe a variety of different emergency shelters and provide how-to directions on how to build them.
First Aid Cards:
Useful tips to treat minor injuries when someone is hurt in an emergency situation.
Fire Building Cards:

A great tool to learn the basics of starting a fire in the outdoors
Step-by-step instructions with photographic illustrations
Eight informative cards are attached with a grommet so all cards stay together
Waterproof for durable, outdoor referencing
Cards outline step-by-step how to successfully build a fire in the outdoors.

Survival Fishing Cards:
Feature useful tips and methods for catching fish in survival situations.