Bryson City Taproom

What goes better with gear than beer? Hard question, right? That's why we made the decision to go with beer! We have spent last winter transforming our awesome bottle shop into a full on taproom & bottle shop. This completed our original vision for the BCOutdoors Craft Beer Department! Instead of just having an awesome selection of around 200 beers for you to mix-n-match and take with you, we now have 12 taps that are pouring an ever-rotating selection of craft beer and cider! If we don't have something on tap that you like, then choose from our cold selection of over 70 craft beers and ciders in bottles and cans!

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    Our on tap selection changes frequently as we use 1/6 Barrel Kegs and our rule is that once we blow a keg, something different goes on. You will never see the same beer on tap back to back at BCO The Craft Beer Department, unless it is an awesome collaboration beer that we did with a local brewery! We try to keep a wide  array of beer styles on tap so that there is something for everyone, and yes we always have at least one cider or gluten-reduced beer on tap. We have made the commitment to clean our lines every two weeks! We think that having beer in its purest form is very important! We have the date our lines were last cleaned posted in plain sight so that you always know we are keeping up our end of the deal!

    You can sip your beer and shop for gear at the same time, or feel free to grab a seat at the beautiful black walnut bar top! When the weather is right our front patio is an amazing spot to enjoy community together while enjoying a tasty beverage. We have plenty of places to sit and take in the charm of small town of Bryson City!

    Feel free to bring food from any spot in town and enjoy it at BCO, even if you don't want a beer, you're still welcome to hang out! Spring through fall we plan on having a food truck nearby so that you don't have to go far to grab some grub.

    Pets are also always welcome at BCO!


    We hope to see you soon at the chillest taproom in Bryson City! If you ever have any question do not hesitate to ask! Shoot us a text, give us a call, or click here to send us an email!